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Guangdong Chutian Dragon Smart Card Co., Ltd. Quality Control

Good quality Telecom Phone Cards for sales
Good quality Telecom Phone Cards for sales
Customer Reviews
"Chutian Dragon Smart Card supplied us UnionPay IC cards,which well met our demand in quality and delivery speed, we're willing to recommand them".

—— Caribbean GP Bank

"During our visit to CTD for factory inspection,we saw an international leading and magnificent card factory, with huge capacity and trustable quality

—— Nepal NTC

"We appointed CTD as our SIM Cards supplier for continuous 4 years, we feel it a honest and reliable partner,we have no objection to recommand them"

—— Bangladesh TBL

"We partner with CTD for 5 years up to this year, we jointed supply for pakistan leading banks with various VISA,MC,UP cards,we promise it a reliable"

—— ITP -Pakistan

"CTD is our indivisible supplier since year 2006, we have regular order with them and they keep regular delivery pace,No. 1 their quality and service

—— DTAC- Thailand

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QC Profile

  • Standard:Visa Approved Vendor


    Issue Date:2016-12-01

    Expiry Date:2017-11-30

    Scope/Range:card manufacturer,magnetic stripe personalizer, IC personalizer, IC embedder, IC pre-personalizer

    Issued By:VISA Worldwide

  • Standard:ISO9001:2008


    Issue Date:2013-05-14

    Expiry Date:2016-05-13

    Scope/Range:Manufacture of paper card, plastic card, IC card,other printing products and ICcard read-write equipment

    Issued By:Guangdong Zhongjian Certification Co.,Ltd

  • Standard:CTD Java Card License Letter

    Issue Date:2014-08-14

    Expiry Date:2018-07-31

    Scope/Range:Java Card

    Issued By:Oracle America, Inc.,

  • Standard:Certificate of national certification for information security product


    Issue Date:2013-11-11

    Expiry Date:2018-07-11

    Scope/Range:CTD Smart Card COS Software(CTD-V2.0)

    Issued By:China Information Security Certification Center

  • Standard:IT Product Certificate of Information Security Certification


    Issue Date:2014-03-24

    Expiry Date:2017-03-27

    Scope/Range:Chutian Dragon multi application USIM card

    Issued By:China Information Security Certification Center

  • Standard:Global Platform Letter of Qualification

    Issue Date:2014-10-30

    Scope/Range:CTD banking smart card V1.0,basic financial configuration 1.5, basic financial configuration test suite

    Issued By:GlobalPlatform Inc.

  • Standard:GSMA SAS Certificate


    Expiry Date:2017-08-31

    Scope/Range:UICC card

    Issued By:GMS Association Security Accredita Scheme

  • Standard:INV000000041 Qualification for Personalization of the Visa Quick Read Card Design

    Issue Date:2015-01-05

    Scope/Range:Visa Quick Read Card

    Issued By:Global Design Innovation

  • Standard:Certificate of Registration Information Security Management System- ISO/IEC 27001:2013

    Number:IS 619567

    Issue Date:2014-09-09

    Expiry Date:2017-09-08

    Scope/Range:The provision of design,manufacture,and sales servies of smart card, plastic card,paper card;

    Issued By:BSI Assurance UK Limited

  • Standard:MasterCard Vendor Product – Letter of Approval


    Issue Date:2015-12-02

    Expiry Date:2018-06-26

    Scope/Range:CTD S40 MC4Select 1.00

    Issued By:Digital Technology Center

  • Standard:CTD ST31 Advance 1.0 MasterCard Vendor Product – Letter of Approval


    Issue Date:2015-11-30

    Expiry Date:2017-02-27

    Scope/Range:CTD ST31 Advance 1.0

    Issued By:Digital Technology Center

  • Standard:card quality management statement of quality 2015

    Issue Date:2015-03-21

    Expiry Date:2016-03-21

    Scope/Range:MasterCard Card Quality Management Label,Plastic Card Body Manufacturing,Embedding the Chip in the Card,Lamination of the Card


  • Standard:Mastercard Global Vender Certification Program Certificate of Compliance

    Issue Date:2015-04-01

    Expiry Date:2016-04-30

    Scope/Range:Payment Card,Card Manufacturing, Chip Embedding, Card Personalizing, Card Embossing, Card Encoding, Chip Personalizing


  • Standard:MasterCard Vendor Product – Letter of Approval


    Issue Date:2015-12-23

    Expiry Date:2017-12-15

    Scope/Range:CTD S12 MC4Select 1.00

    Issued By:Digital Technology Center

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